Tati Kaupp is a visual artist based on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. She attended Skidmore College for Studio Art and Art History with a focus in Painting and continued coursework towards an MFA at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Tati studied at the Instituto Allende, in San Miguel, Mexico and at SACI College of Arts and Design, Florence, Italy. Her ceramic investigations began at the Corcoran College of Art and Design with Margaret Boozer and continued at Red Dirt Studio in Mt. Rainier, MD. In addition, Tati continued to explore her interest in surface decoration and embellishment through various workshops with Jason Walker and Jason Bige Burnett at Santa Fe Clay in New Mexico. Tati's work is in private collections throughout the US and in Europe and at the Washington Convention Center Art Collection in DC.

Artist Statement

I lived in Mexico as a small child. My parents were doing Phd. field work in anthropology, engaging with folk art makers and exploring their workspaces, going to the villages, attending colorful ceremonies, celebrations and fantastical dances. I was a young kid along for the ride. Growing up, I spent much time interacting and playing with many beautiful and whimsical objects in our home. My early experiences were fundamental to my sense of wonder in art and the art making process. Magical realism, the transformational qualities of an art object and its function, the liveliness of the possibilities of art and art making, the value an object can hold on many levels…these ideas inform my work today. Color, pattern, narrative, function and the environments they inhabit are at the core of my work. My personal art vocabulary comes through whether I am working in oil, watercolors, hand building in clay or throwing, working with wood in wall sculptures or furniture. I am interested in exploring materials and methods to create art pieces that transform the magical realism of my youth into magical abstraction.

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