Rain Walks Blue #4

Coming Soon

Rain Walks Blue #4  $800   Acrylic and mixed media on canvas. 20" x 20" x  1  ½"

Rain Walks Series is inspired by the changing atmospheric conditions of early morning walks along the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C.  The work reflects my impressions of drizzle, fog, clouds, wind, tides, river birds and the rising sun’s warmth. These are quiet, contemplative paintings and the small scale feels intimate yet expansive.

The canvas is prepared with multiple layers of gesso and marble dust to create a luminous matte surface.   I build the surfaces with gestural marks, drawings, and color washes, rubbing off some areas to leave a memory of color or line. They are best viewed in person to see the subtilties of the chalky surface. 

Ready to hang.  Pre-wired, D-ring on the back. Unframed, painting continues around the sides. Signed on the back.

Shipping included within the US.  Delivery possible within the DC area. Contact me to discuss other shipping options.

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